Safety on the jobsite

Employee and client safety is of the utmost importance to AHIP. Our comprehensive safety program incorporates customized written plans, safe work practices according to each project’s scope of work, weekly review of best practices, offsite safety training, and ongoing monthly safety meetings.

Our mandatory monthly safety meeting provides training, review, and discussion around common construction accidents and the safe work protocols to prevent them. Topics include: fall protection, trips, and falls; strains and sprains; safe lifting and preventing repetitive motion injuries; confined space safety; overexertion and heat safety; safe driving; lead safe work practices; respiratory protection; identifying job hazards; tool and ladder safety; electrical safety; top 10 construction hazards and other emerging trends in jobsite safety.

Each member of our construction crew is encouraged to identify and report safety hazards. Together the safety manager, construction supervisor, and crew personnel create job safety analysis reports for various work procedures, so that hazards and safety protocols can be reviewed and updated.

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The siding and roof were in dire need. AHIP provides assistance needed to so many residents, and the staff is amazing.” 

— Ruth in Charlottesville