Everyone should be safe at home.

AHIP is a home repair nonprofit, and we help our neighbors in need make critical repairs to their homes. Too many of our neighbors struggle with failing roofs, lack of heat, failed wells and septic systems, faulty plumbing, dangerous electrical systems, unsafe structures, peeling paint, dilapidated kitchens and bathrooms, mold, hazardous steps, lack of insulation, and insecure windows and doors.

AHIP helps low-income homeowners with small, urgent repairs to larger renovations. Our crews, subcontractors, and volunteers work year-round in Charlottesville and Albemarle County, helping individuals, young families, working people, retired people, senior citizens, disabled people, and multi-generational households improve their living conditions and their quality of life.

To get the job done, we work with a spectrum of community partners, including localities, peer housing organizations, social services agencies, regional funders, and a wide variety of volunteer groups.

Our local donors are the key. Each and every one makes our work possible.

For 39 years, AHIP has been answering calls from local homeowners looking for help. For 39 years, we have been helping them preserve their homes, protect their health and safety, and stay safe at home.